Beyond the Bark presents SPUN


14th October at 7pm , 15th & 16th October at 10am and 12 noon at 69 O Connell Street, Limerick

Ticket price: €8.00  Group discount: €6.00 (for groups of more than 10)


 “Have you ever wondered where the stars go during the day?
I keep them in my umbrella,”
 said the Star Keeper.

Sail through the sea, fly through the sky, land on a mountain, free the stars and along the way make friends with giraffes, turtles and acrobatic flying children.  Come with Ciaran on a magical adventure through his imagination with his faithful friend, Piedva the spider, and his trusty bath tub. Spun is a story of friendship in unlikely places, a story of adventure and fun, told through puppetry, animation and song.


Directed by renowned international puppeteer Liz Walker.
Based on the book “Spun” by Emma Fisher and Thorey Mjallhvit H. Omarsdottir.
For children aged 2-6 and beyond.
Be sure to book early as numbers are limited to 80 per show.

Cast & Crew Performers: Ann Blake (Musician/Actor);Emma Fisher (Puppeteer)
Director: Liz Walker, founder of Faulty Optic Puppet Company (UK), Artistic Director of Invisible Thread
Writer, Set, Puppet & Costume Design: Emma Fisher
Animation / Graphic Design: Thorey Mjallhvit H. Omarsdottir
Production Manager/Stage Manager: Mags O’Donoghue
Lighting Design: Katherine Graham
Sound Design: John Greenwood
Producer: Maeve Butler
Set Builder: Gearóid O hAllmhuráin
Design Assistant: Susan Lynch


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