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A puppet girl struggling with her disabled part splits herself in two, casts off her disabled part and banishes it to the room of forgotten limbs. A Man falls from normality, breaks and reforms. As they go on their quests to find a sense of wholeness they navigate a dark world, encountering many characters on their way: a wise bug; fragmented and broken bodies; singing mouths in jars and silence. Mixing puppetry, mask and song, we will tell the freakish metamorphic tale of us. Audiences will be led through a multi-sensory, interactive, Kafkaesque, telling of Pinocchio as never seen before.

Writer: Emma Fisher

Director: Thomas Baker

Performers: Conor Madden, Emma Fisher and Thomas Baker



Spun is a story of friendship in unlikely places, adventure and fun, told through puppetry, animation and song.
Take a ride in a bathtub with Ciaran and let Piedva the spider spin you new adventures. Sail to sea, fly through the air, hold a star and meet turtles, giraffes and acrobatic children.
For children aged 2-6 yrs and their families.

Based on the illustrated book Spun by Emma Fisher & Thorey Mjallhvit H. Omarsdottir.

Presented by Beyond the Bark Puppet & Installation Theatre.
Writer: Emma Fisher
Director: Liz Walker
Performers: Emma Fisher, Ann Blake & John Galvin                                                                                                                   Animations: Thorey Mjallhvit Omarsdottir                                                                                                                                    Stage Manager: Mags O Donoghue                                                                                                                                          Producer: Maeve Butler,
Sound Design :John Greenwood
Lighting Design : Katherine GrahamVenue: 69 O’Connell Street, Limerick
Puppets and Set Design :Emma Fisher                                                                                                                                     Costume Design: Gemma Morris
Spun was funded by Limerick City of Culture under the Made in Limerick strand.

The Bright Side of the Moon

Performed at Brighton Fringe Festival 2011 and The Absolut Fringe Dublin 2011

Enter the dark world of Lucy’s imagination as she faces the creatures haunting her, in the hope of seeing the bright side of the moon. Using a mix of reality and fantasy Beyond the Bark will draw you inside Sue Meehan’s fast-paced, dark and original play. Contemporary themes are given a fairytale treatment, in a show that reminds us that how you face the past is what will make your future. The show has been described as “satisfyingly beautiful, enchanting, charming and delicate” Brighton Fringe Review

Writer: Sue Meehan
Director: Claire Jenkins
Puppet Director/Maker: Emma Fisher
Actors/ Puppeteers: Cara Christie, Aidan Crowe and Moira Brady Averill
Shadow Puppeteers: Kelly Shatter and Jessica Keith
Set Design: Teresa Gallagher
Lighting Designer: Katherine Graham
Costume Design:Sarah McCann and David Houghton
Photographer: Sandra McAllister

Turning Turtles

Performed at Belltable Theatre , December 2009

Trevor sets out every day on his boat to travel to Turtle Island, where with the help of his friend Gertrude, a 100 year old Turtle, he turns the baby turtles when they fall on their backs. A new bale of baby Turtles are due to hatch on the island but a great storm is brewing.

Will Trevor get out to the island in time to help Gertrude save the new arrivals?
Who will help her?

Using marionette, rod, and shadow puppetry let us take you for an unforgettable and interactive adventure on Turtle Island. Come trip and flip with our two friends Trevor and Gertrude on their perilous & heroic journey to save and protect the baby Turtles from the raging storm.

This tale invites children to enter the world of Turtle Island and immerse themselves in the joy of truly imaginative puppet theatre.

Devised & Puppeteered :Daragh Bradshaw, Emma Fisher and Mags O Donaghue
Set Design: Daragh Bradshaw and Emma Fisher
Scripted: Duncan Molloy
Sound Design: Ger O Donnell
Lighting Design: Kev O Malley
Sculpture: Eve Fisher
Animation: Andy Biddle
Graphic Design: Þórey Mjallhvít Heiðar-Ómarsdóttir
Photographer: Kathy Graham

Oddity of Feathers

Puppet walk around at “Hatch” at the Alhambra Theatre Bradford and performed with The London School of Puppetry as part of a Cabaret at the Copenhagen Puppet festival March 2009

Based on Hans Christian Andersons The Ugly Duckling this Dark Cabaret tale sees a girl who ashamed of her long limbs and awkwardness strives to be something else. Along her path she finds some feathers and disguises her self as a bird determined to walk on her hands. She is captured by a circus ring master who keeps her in a cage. Here she learns the value of being herself; she stretches out growing taller and taller. The Ugly Duckling fly’s to safety and learns to whistle to her own tune.

Solo puppetry piece: Emma Fisher

The Flying Giraffe

Street theatre August 2007, Buxton puppet festival 2008 

Come on a journey with a skeleton giraffe back to the story of his life. Sing along and watch as the world goes by. A storytelling street theatre session told by a stilt walking giraffe and some of his small friends.

Solo puppetry piece: Emma Fisher

Foreign Object

On tour to the Rosemary Branch Theatre London 2008,Galway Arts Festival as part of Engage open studio 2008,Buxton Puppet festival 2007/2008, Bath puppet festival 2007 the Foundling Museum London 2007

A Wooden boy in search of his routes

Using marionettes, glove, rod, and shadow puppetry let us take you on an adventure of new lands, mischief and strange tides at sea. Where are the bottle people going and what awaits them on the other side? Seeking love, life and friendship come and join them on their journey.

Devised & Designed: Emma Fisher
Puppeteers: Célia Constantinesco and Emma Fisher
Sound Design: John Paul Le Drew
Special thanks to Caroline Astell Burt, Wendy Cook and Ronnie Le Drew

Walking Shadow

Performed with other short pieces at The Rosemary Branch Theatre London 2008, and the Bath Puppet Festival 2007

In this Cabaret short piece based on the character of Lady Macbeth, we see the story told through her eyes as she relives it over and over again. Using rod and body puppetry lady Macbeth puppeteers Macbeth, Duncan and her self in a mini puppet theatre, but once the deed is done will she ever wash the blood from her hands.

Solo puppetry piece: Emma Fisher

What the Cat Dragged In

Performed on the main stage for the 2007 Prague Quadrennial and Living Room Theatre, London 2007

‘What the Cat Dragged In’ is a short play inspired by Aristophanes’ ‘The Birds’. The story takes place in an imagined Ireland of the future. It depicts the country in the aftermath of an economic boom known as the Celtic Cat. The play’s themes are universal, conveying the effects of over development on a land and its people, and the systems which allow this change to take place. Using many different styles of puppetry, including marionettes and rod puppets, the play is filled with movement and colour. Each puppeteer takes on a number of roles, with the set itself playing a part as it closes in on the farm it surrounds. Backstage projections convey the land, as the heights of the trees soon become the site of high-rise blocks.

Sue Meehan: Writer/Director
Emma Fisher: Head Designer/Puppeteer/ Producer/maker
Teresa Gallagher: Stage Manager/Maker
Elizabeth Brett: Puppet Designer/Puppeteer/Maker
Antonia Salter: Puppet Designer/Puppeteer/Maker
Andrew Mills: Sound Designer/ Puppeteer
Graphic Designer: Þórey Mjallhvít Heiðar-Ómarsdóttir 

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